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War in the South Sudan severed an entire generation of Lost Boys from their birthplace and their families. Biar Atem is one of them.


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For refugees, home is the country, the community and the family that they have been forced to leave behind, and home is also the future – the place they want to return to some day or the new home they hope to find.

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War refugees from Africa now living in Clark County received help Saturday making new lives for themselves.
William E. Snyder Elementary School teamed with local charities to invite hundreds of refugee families to an event where they could shop for food and clothing and receive free haircuts and dental work.
Biar Atem is working with Lighthouse Charities to help the cause, one he knows well.


He was just 7 years old when his village was attacked during the Sudanese Civil War, and he was forced to flee. He left his family and traveled with some of his cousins and other young boys to Ethiopia. 


Seven South Sudanese teenagers whose families live in a Kenyan refugee camp, will now receive a high school education because of scholarships awarded by the South Sudan Center of America (SSCA), a local Las Vegas charity.  SSCA was founded by Biar Atem, a Sands Cares Hero of the Year and Team Member at The Venetian and The Palazzo who was a South Sudanese “lost boy.”  He was also named by Fortune magazine as one of the top 50 “Heroes of the 500.” The center seeks to assist and educate South Sudanese refugees living in the United States and abroad.  

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